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Each year sharing memories works on five or six different projects in schools, at our base at Hope Bank Works and out and about in the community.



A sharing memories project working with adults from Enfield Down and  Bridgewood Trust to explore ideas about home through the medium of print.

We worked with people to explore the meaning of 'Home' to each of us, though symbols and images. For example a tea pot or a pair of slippers.We then used these images to create our own printing tools.




 A celebration of the history of Hope Bank Pleasure Grounds using drama, singing and visual art. We explored the history of Hope Bank Pleasure Grounds near Honley and staged a performance, with the help of Chol Theatre company.

We also worked with songwriter Jenny Goodman and  wrote four brand new songs about Hope Bank, in collaboration with an adult choir and children from Honley J&I and Southgate Special School.  Members of Sharing Memories and Amazing Acapella created the most incredible painted backdrop for our show which was called Sticklebacks and Swingboats.  Over 160 people took part in this project ranging from Clem, aged just seven to Kenneth who is 93, severely visually impaired, hard of hearing and lives alone.   Two members of Sharing Memories, Cath and Tommy took part in both the drama and the singing – something they had never done before –  they loved it and their daughters were amazed!